Polygel Nail Kit

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Alright, everyone thinks it, but we're just gonna say it, out loud! 

Fake nails are old news! They're nothing but hard plastic that look as bad as they feel! What might even be worse, is that the liquid cement that's used to adhere them to your real nails can actually damage and disfigure them, leaving them looking like something Nosferatu would be proud to flaunt.

Well, we've got breaking news and it's gonna make the front page! There's a new nail kit in town and it's about to up your beauty game to new heights.

Combining acrylic and hard gel in one incredible package, this all-in-one Polygel Nail Kit, delivers flawless nails, without fail! No more fake looking nails, these enhancements look drop-dead gorgeous!

How do you keep fake nails from looking fake? Use Polygel and even your friends won't be able to tell!

Have we convinced you yet? Well, how about more!

Strong, yet Flexible- Everyone knows that acrylics are rock-hard, but that also means that they're easily broken! Polygel is strong, but flexible, just like your real nails, so they give a little and aren't prone to damage. They also feel more natural, so they're way more comfortable.

No Smelly Odors and Dust-Free- The first thing that hits you when you walk into a nail salon is usually the smell! With Polygel you won't be breathing in that toxic odor, or the dust that goes hand-in-hand with the fake nail technique.

Light-As-A-Feather- Fake nails will make your fingers feel heavy. Polygel goes on light, so it feels just right!

Smooth and Silky- Polygel is like liquid putty when applied, so it dries smoothly every single time and you're ready to hit the town with perfectly flawless nails.

Non-Toxic- No need to worry about dangerous chemicals! This Polygel Nail Kit is 7-free and monomer free, so you're worry free! You're perfectly safe wearing these nails, because there's no Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphr, TPHP, or Xylene.

Application is quick and easy, and these nails last until you're ready to take them off.

You don't have to give up great looking nails, just the struggle and stress that goes along with getting them.

With Polygel Nails you can leave the hassle behind and look forward to fabulous nails on your fingers!

You know you've gotta have these, so go ahead and get them now!

Kit Includes: Polygel, Set of Nails, and Nail Spatula

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