Hippierider Indoor Bike Wheel Cover

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Keep your floors and rooms free of bike dirt with these Elastic Indoor Bike Wheel Covers. In addition to being practically useful, they are extremely attractive, thanks to the variable designs they come in. They are made of highly elastic material that fits all adult bikes and is machine washable. Get your favorite design now!

What you’ll get:

  • Elastic & tear-proof material: Constructed with highly stretchable and durable material, it can cover all types of bikes: BMX, fixies, hybrid, gravel or road. It can be stretched up to 63 inches in width. Even with this stretch, they are very durable and do not get torn.
  • Dust & scratch-proof: The material doesn’t catch dust or gets scratched.
  • Protects the interior of the bike: Gives protection to your wheels from environmental conditions. Prevents it from getting rusty, grimy or dirty.
  • Protect the floor from dust: The biggest advantage is that you can park your bikes indoor in a dust-free manner with these indoor bike wheel covers. It collects the outdoor dust which can be disposed of in the bin easily the next time you embark on the bike.
  • Saves kids from accidents: Kids love to play with the wheels, chain and pedals of the bike. Because it covers all of these components, it keeps them away from sharp cut-causing chain, crankset, derailleurs, axle and brake wires.
  • Fold for easy storage: Easily folds to be carried anywhere in the car or even with you on bikes.
  • Elastic edging: Edging at the borders prevents the cover from slipping off the bike.
  • Suitable for rack-hanging bikes as well: Riders who have dedicated bike racks can use these covers too as it doesn’t cover the whole bike but the wheels and the chain area only.
  • Machine washable: When the bike covers turn dirty, simply put them in the washing machine and wash them at a normal temperature.
  • Different colors available: Choose the one you like the most.

How to install:

  • Lift the front wheel and insert it in the cover. Keep the other end of the cover tucked under your feet.
  • Now, get to the back of the bike and lift it up to insert it inside the case.
  • Manage the cover over the paddles accordingly.

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