Handy Multi-Function Mini Circular Saw

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If you are looking for a single portable multi-function circular saw, this is the product for you. It is light in weight, superior in function, clean in operation and durable in build. Made to last and work on any material, this is an essential home improvement tool for you. No need to call experts to cut wood, metal, tiles, and marble for you now.

What you will get:

  • 400-watt motor: The powerful motor delivers an RPM of 3400 which is quick enough to cut wood, metal, tiles, marble, etc. With efficient windings, it consumes low power and requires minimum maintenance.
  • 12mm cut depth: The adjustable blade can cut to a depth of 12mm. Cut through the entire material or make grooves on it. Delivers both deep and shallow cuts.
  • Deliver clean cuts: The mini circular saw gives clean cuts on any surface. No broken teeth, tooth stripping or swaging of the back edge of the blades.
  • 3 blades: Diamond blade for stone, tiles, and marble; High-speed steel blade for carpet, steel and other metallic objects (pipes, sheets, etc.); Carbide blade for hardwood, chipboard, plywood, drywall and PVC.
  • Dust removal system: The compact, multi-function circular saw comes with a smart dust removal system. The dust tube connects to the saw from one side and to the vacuum cleaner from the other. Turn on the cleaner with the saw and extract all the dust into it. Do not use it while working with metallic surfaces.
  • Easy-to-change blades: Easily change the blades by loosening the nut with the help of the included hex key and inserting back the desired blade before tightening it.
  • Get multi-variable cuts: Cut straight lines or curvy patterns. The stable base allows you to do the cutting operation with utmost efficiency and precision.
  • Package includes: 3 blades, 1 dust pipe, 1 mini circular saw, 2 hex keys.

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