One-Touch Ice Cream Maker Machine For Home Kitchens

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Skip all the struggle of ice cream preparation and purchase this Ice Cream Making Machine which will give you prepared ice cream and dessert within 15-20 minutes. Equipped with a long-lasting motor, it stirs the ice cream mixture to give the exact consistency required.  The package comes with a list of recipes of sorbet, frozen yogurt, ice cream, etc.

What you will get:

  • A total capacity of 600ml: Raw material mixture must not exceed a volume of 220ml because the mixture fluffs up when stirred.
  • BPA-free construction: The ice cream mixer machine is made of BPA-free, easy-to-wash material that is environmental-friendly and safe for health.
  • Efficient stir paddle: The stirring paddle will be connected to the motor-containing lid which rotates at a speed, perfect for making delicious ice cream.
  • One-button operation: No hassle, no effort required.
  • Transparent: window: The bowl features a transparent window so that the process can be viewed all along the stirring time.
  • Anti-sticking aluminum internal coating: Ice cream making machine contains an anti-sticking surface so that removing the ice cream after it has been prepared is easy and mess-free.
  • Energy-saving motor: 7W silent copper motor makes the job extremely noiseless.
  • Frozen layer insulation: The interior remains at a cold temperature while the ice cream is being prepared.
  • Dedicated pouring space: After turning the machine on, pour the mixture in it via the opening easily. It can also be used for adding toppings.
  • Easy to wash: Each part of the machine can be separated and washed in warm tap water calmly.
  • Note: The frozen barrel of the machine should be kept in the freezer a day before the making so that it is cooled when the mixture is poured into it.

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